Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy birthday, have a flame

So we had some cake for Piper's birthday. I jokingly said "blow out your candle " since its not one of tricks. And she made adorable little blowing sounds. So I turned to grab the Flip, and she extinguished the flame by pinching it. We all waited for the tears, and nothing. So, I felt like the worst parent ever followed by concern she might not have nerve endings in her fingers...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Other people's kids...

I'm in love with the warmer weather. People outside, walking to school to pick up Claire, sand everywhere (wait, that I could do without). What is tough this time of year is other people's kids. Claire has for years loved the company of others. Problem is the other kids in our neighborhood are older& boys. Sometimes they want to play with Claire, sometimes not. And, they are permitted to do way more than I let my kids do. I feel like I'm not a helicopter mom, but wherever Claire goes, Macy might, too. I just think newly turned three year olds can't be in the street without sidewalks unsupervised . In the backyard where I can see them, or cruising the sidewalk block where Bob can see them seems reasonable, but it is hard to articulate that besides age, you might not get to do everything the neighbors do because your mom's more strict/bitchy/attentive? And with Bob & I home in the summer, we don't want to be responsible for other people's kids at our house, all summer long. I love kids playing with each other, and I remember playing with neighbors in the summer so fondly. Apparently, I'm a killjoy.

Though, I did overhear a classmate of Claire's tell her she wishes I was her mom. So, I got that going for me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's All a Matter of Perspective

I found it quite adorable this week when we were waiting for Claire's bus and Piper and Macy were snuggled up on the dog bed. Lincoln found it less than adorable, I'm sure.

It's all about perspective. When I was childless, I declared myself not a baby person. I thought older kids with their inquisitiveness & their active lifestyles seemed much my speed than needy, non-communicative babies. Now, I am firmly in the "baby person" camp. Incessant questions, no thanks. Sassy four year olds, I'll pass. Today I drove the car while answering questions like, "what if there were two suns? Three suns? No sun?" I wanted to scream, "shut up, let me listen to NPR!!!"

My favorite stage is the sitting up independently through cruising, but I am open to newborn through walking. This is problematic in that I am getting near the end of babies. I visited my neighbor's newborn this week. How cute are babies? How easy is it to walk around carrying 7#?!? I did cherish my babies as babies, but I never understood society's love of babies. I used to get so offended when someone would comment how cute my baby was in front of a toddler- or ask how old the infant was. I used to be snarky and respond with the older daughter's age.This week Macy & Piper were in the cart when a cashier commented how cute she was. She then recovered saying they were both cute, but I wantsome gush, "I know isn't Piper adorable! " I get it, society, little babies are cute. I just needed some perspective.