Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hospital Corners

Over the Memorial Day holiday I got to thinking about the men in uniform. How does the military get men to make a bed? I don't like making beds, but I love fresh sheets. I begged off this task pregnant, but I need to put sheets on the bed outside the evenings when Bob's around for delegation. This weekend the morning before people were coming over Claire had had a nighttime accident. She managed to get urine on her pillow. This seemed like a Bob job. Claire's bed is a double. He somehow managed to squeeze twin sized sheets on the bed. He claims they were the only ones he could find. Granted, they were the only set in the laundry basket. He didn't even check the linen closet. I had him take them off. He put king sized sheets on next. Seriously? I wasn't even mad just flabbergasted.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bad Cop

Bob totally has a work wife. I'm not jealous. I just feel sorry for her (pregnant too - God bless her). For most hours of the day Bob's partner is a another man named Bob. Other Bob is a red-headed caricature of my Bob -- more laid back, hairier, larger and so unkempt he makes my Bob appear professionally dressed! It seems the Bobs are able to handle the emotionally behavior disordered students because they are laid back to the extreme. Their office (with taxidermied decorataions) is a sty.The other Bob used to be a cop. I'm gonna guess he played "good cop" and lived that cops in a donut shop stereotype... One hour out of the day, Bob is with his other wife. She is apparently the yin to his yang. She likes paperwork! She thinks the students need more structure and has all these things she learned in school about how to do it. Bob admitted she's bad cop & he's good cop. I responded that must be a familiar role for Bob. So last night I was grumbling about him making the girls put away the water toys when they get out of the hot tub (which fun dad took them in). Nothing screams bad cop like "pick up your toys after having all that fun with your dad!" Then I was all complaining about always being bad cop- and he had the nerve to say "I wouldn't have to be good cop if you weren't such a bad bad cop"

Let it all hang out

You know that desire to take off your bra after a long day at the office? Macy's kinda got that but with leggings. She goes to playschool (1 hour) in leggings (because the boss makes her), comes home and discards them on the bathroom floor first chance she gets.Can't say I blame her.