Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They still sell those in stores, right?

So, I was just perusing Craigslist, and someone had a wanted post for diapers - not cloth diapers, because for me that's not even weird. Their post said they both had jobs (telling potential sellers they have money?) and that their baby was due January 27 and they wanted diapers. Maybe they were looking for free ones, but they didn't really have a request for freebies. It was all very strange to me.

I wanted to reply that I believe both Wal-mart and Target sell these diapers of which they speak. It seemed odd that buying them off Craigslist would be easier or even much cheaper, but maybe I am out of touch. I live in a bubble (the Internet) that exposes me to a certain type of local mama I rarely see since mornings I get Claire on/off the bus and afternoons are for napping.

I'm feeling especially crunchy these days. In the last couple months I have had to define even the word "crunchy" to people I know IRL (I totally learned that acronym today- thanks urban dictionary! ) I spend all this time worrying about things like the goldfish that occassionally end up on Piper's highchair (grains = bad), carseat bases (apparently the car seat might fly out in a crash), and using corn syrup in holiday treats (because corn syrup is actually pretty bad stuff). These worries are really not on most parents mind. We've always been on the cloth diapers, but we now use cloth at night 100% of the time. I use cloth wipes with Piper. I really should have been on the cloth night diapers and wipes all along. None of this really has made me feel any different than say,recycling. But, I bought myself a Diva Cup last month. I officially feel like a hippie. A hippie that would mention this on the Internet (well, I'm still me, which is to say not shy).
I felt like an 8th grader again (I was a late bloomer) feeling like everyone knew something was different- in this case that I was using a menstrual cup.

I asked a friend who also uses a Diva Cup if she felt like a complete granola. She said, "yes, so I just try not to think about it." Sounds like a plan!


  1. Like being granola is a bad thing? LOL I am trying to crunchify myself. Seriously it was kinda of a new years resolution for me. But I am not doing the things I do for the same reasons it seems that everyone else it doing it. I'm not doing it for the environment, I am just cheap. So if you look at it that way then it totally will make you feel less of a hippie and more of a realist. And I LOVE it when I can get diapers are Goodwill. I actually just bought 2 packs of Earth Best (the kind that are made of recycled material) for $1.99. And no, I am NOT pregnant. But one my good friend's is pregnant, so here's her baby gift. One the packages is even opened with missing diapers from it, which probably tells you how not comfortable these recycled diapers are.... LOL

  2. Sorry, I just assumed you knew I was talking about NEWBORN diapers.