Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cool under pressure

I have found the solution to my misty-eyed bus drop-offs and school pick-ups: parental incompetence! I still get a little choked up if all is well; I'm not a robot. However, if I show up to school 2 minutes late (seriously, two minutes and it was Claire and one other girl) or with a crying 2 year old, I am not overly emotional. I'm downright cool as a cuke.

This morning was Claire's picture day. I had hoped on the braid, but it's really hard. (That and I am not good at hair). We already got up 1/2 hour before the bus, and I had to abandon the braid after several attempts. At one point I asked Claire to stop moving. She said she wasn't moving just pretending to have a maraca, if that's an indication of the level of cooperation I was dealing with.

Claire didn't like that our preselected 3/4 length jacket- left her hands cold. I couldn't trust that Claire would take it off for pictures so I didn't want something too ugly that also matched her patterned dress. Then, she wanted to eat fruit leather at about 3 minutes before bus. Seeing as she ate an ENTIRE box of mac-n-cheese yesterday, I thought she probably could use it.

Regardless, guess who didn't have a tear in her eye as the bus pulled away, ME!

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