Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cry Baby

Screening for 4K last Spring. Cried.

Meet the teacher last week. Cried.

Bus pick-up this morning. Cried.

Picking her up from school. Cried.

My friend Tina is not wrong. I am "a bit of a sap". She blames our baby hormones (since her baby is 3 months older than Piper, I have a few months left with this rationale). More likely, we're both a bunch of saps...


  1. Ha. You are a sap, you've cried at almost every wedding that I've been at with you (only one didn't bring the tears). But you are a sap that could beat me up. So that does make you a little different then the other saps out there.

    Claire looks ready! Good job mama. And she looks cute and looks just like you, minus the tears. Happy school year!!

  2. And Finn would be so jealous that she gets to ride a school bus. He was heartbroken last year when I had to break the news that he lived too close to the school to ride one.