Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogging, easier than a puppy, right?

I think I need a blog. I like reading blogs. I have some winter doldrums, and it seems like a better idea than a puppy.

The husband came home the other night after a happy hour with the maintenance guys from work. Apparently, they all have black labs. It made him miss 'ole block-headed Oscar. I think we're a one-dog family, but when Bob is getting puppy love, it sure makes me want one. He says he wouldn't actually want a puppy, but just the prospect of another pet makes me think puppy.

But a blog, I can ignore for months at a time. Lincoln won't get jealous of a blog. And maybe it will help with the sanity a bit...

The problem is I don't really have some mad skills to blog about, a real interesting "story", or even hardcore opinions I want to defend. I think my kids are hilarious and adorable, does that necessitate a blog? Probably not, but there are worse vices...

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