Saturday, January 15, 2011


The husband is kind of rubbing off on me, and not in some hot way.

He has always been the one in our marriage with the closer relationship to EBay and Craigslist. In fact, his idea of a good time is looking at Craigslists in various cities. Often I will come downstairs in the morning to an annoying conversation with a friend about some find. I think it's pretty sad that they call each other to report some deal, and the other guy has already seen it. Why waste your time with something you aren't going to buy?Inevitably some deal will actually be a piece of junk. For their years of cruising the site, how can this come as a surprise to them? However, that vehicle stuff isn't even on my radar of annoying Craigslist traits...

So, here's my list of how the good people on Craigslist have been getting my goat as of late. In no particular order:

1. My husband leaving the computer on a different, larger city's Craigslist and getting my hopes up. For a week I have been looking for a maternity swimsuit (to wear probably once, so yeah, I am gross and don't care and will wear someone else's swimsuit if it's cheap and fits). When the one XS (ha!) swimsuit that has been popping up lately is replaced with a host of XL swimsuits I got a little excited. Not excited enough to drive to Milwaukee for a used bathing suit... The only good thing about the different cities is when I realize it is on a different city it reminds me of the time he got all excited to buy something in Rochester. But he was looking at Rochester, NY, not Rochester, MN. I found it funnier than Bob...

2. People with high expectations on the free postings. Earlier this week I posted a dog food & water table for free. I had a pretty detailed description for what is essentially a stool with holes in it. I had lots of people e-mail me. Then, somebody asked me for a picture. I was a bit annoyed. It isn't like someone is going to have to rent a trailer to come and get the thing. If posting a picture was convenient for me, I would have posted a picture! It isn't like they need to check it out to see if it's as least worth NOTHING? When people are looking for free stuff, too, I just get amazed when they have preferences. Someone was looking for a high chair once, and they wanted a pink one. Really, you have a color preference for a high chair you want someone to give you?

3. Buyers trying to get delivery on super cheap or free items. I don't live in the sticks anymore, if you're spending less than $5, and I got other people interested, I am not carting my kids to downtown Appleton so you can decide if you want to buy the item or not. You'll probably try to dicker, too.

4. People asking for directions to my house after I have given them my address. What's the best way to get there from your place? Whatever, mapquest or your Garmin tells you! You have access to the internet, that's how how you saw my listing.

5. People who don't delete their posting. You can't be annoyed at me inquiring if you still have an item if you continue to leave your posting up.

6. People just asking if I still have the item. Propose a time to come buy it, ask a question, but if I posted it within the hour that question just annoys me for some reason!

I still check Craigslist like it's a job requirement, though.

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