Monday, January 17, 2011

Is he trying to make me look good?

I was wary to start blogging because I thought it would just be an online complaint-fest about things my mom and husband do. They are hands down the two people on the planet that do the most for me, so it seemed like a jerk move to air my grievances about them, online or otherwise. I didn't want to appear ungrateful.

But, seriously, my husband seems to be on some covert mission to make my life more difficult. He puts the girls to bed some nights. I appreciate it. Bedtime is not a favorite task around here. I wish it was. I like reading books. I like snuggling, but it is a pretty drawn out process at our house. Macy had been bedsharing with us since birth. I was a little worried that the new baby would wake her up. I didn't want to make any changes in March. Plus, she is kicking me, and I am not sleeping great. So, we made the transition to her sleeping in the same bed with her sister. It sure is cute to see them snuggled in the same bed. Plus, just one person can put them to sleep since in a couple months the other one will be with the baby.

It's been going ok. Well, Claire fell out of the bed the other night:

It's about an hour and half from bedtime to sleeptime at our house. So, the parent getting them to bed usually is up in the girls' room from 7:30-9:00pm. There are books. There are songs. There are patient requests. There is the passing back and forth of water. AND (the big selling point for me wanting to get out of this duty) there is an adult on the bed between the girls on a not-so-comfortable full size bed.

So, I do enjoy it when my husband puts them to bed. Sometimes it's more work to have him do it, though. Macy comforts more quickly with me. I think she prefers me singing. Sometimes he doesn't hear what she is asking for (she's requesting Itsy Bitsy Spider and he'll break into Baa Baa Black Sheep). And last night he forgot to put a night diaper on Claire. Granted, the girl likes to put on underwear with her pj's at 6:30. So, it's something extra to remember (not Bob's forte) at bedtime. Anyway, at 11:30 she woke up crying and soaked. I got her out of her wet pj's and underwear. I got a night diaper on her while Macy slept a couple feet away. I took Claire into our bedroom and threw replacement pajamas at Bob to put on her while I got a wash cloth.

Let's put it this way, if there was a fire at night, I would be the one running around saving kids while Bob would be snoring. I had told him that he forgot to put a diaper on her and that he needed to get her dressed and calmed. Well, I came back he had taken off the diaper! This didn't calm Claire. Her crying had escalated and from a room away, they have woken up Macy. The girls' bed isn't any more comfortable if covered in urine, so the four of us jumped in our king. That was fine; that's why we got the king. But, Bob was seriously back to snoring before Macy fell asleep. I got the hot spot where both kids could kick me (as well as the in utero daughter who was kicking up the storm).

I would have rather just put them to bed than to have that commotion at 11:30 at night and changing sheets as my first-thing on the morning to-do list. I make lots of mistakes as a mother. My husband is a smart guy. Does he do these sorts of things as some sort of confidence builder for me? That way I am the more competent, organized person of the house? Does he do a kinda cruddy job so I don't want his help? Does he do it to remind me to take care of myself because their life would leave a lot to be desired he was widowed?

All I know is he has to step up his game for #3....

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