Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm a Rockstar Mom (one time, for about 3 hours)

When I quit work people would comment that was great and now I could volunteer with some of the organizations I collaborated with at City Hall. That sounds great in theory, but I am not going to hire someone to watch my kids to volunteer during the day, and I kinda like to hang out with my husband at night. And, remember now, we have even less money than before!

But, one day this week, I took my kids to a protest at Senator Ellis' office, took them to storyhour, AND I baked and decorated cookies for a GSA convention. Yeah, and I did it all pregnant. Now, I am exhausted, and my mom has the girls for a night. I couldn't keep up that got-it-together mom routine for more than a day, sheesh...

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  1. I thought instead of a naughty chair you had a SHAME chair. LOL

    That poster makes a lot more sense now. Love Claire, so cute.