Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're in the home stretch

I never understood the hubbub about stretch marks. I thought it was more of a physical testimony to how much weight you lost. Like bulking up before you are a candidate on Biggest Loser so you can boast how much weight you shed and win the weigh-in. It seems better than the alternative of being as big as you once were! Granted, I already have bowed out of the midriff-bearing at about age 18. So, it wasn't like anyone would get to see any stretch marks anyway. Even when my husband informed me I had stretch marks under my belly that I couldn't see the first pregnancy it didn't really phase me. I was more surprised, you sneaky marks, I couldn't even see you there under my big belly.

But seriously, does each daughter need to make her own mark? Couldn't they just go in the stretched out section that Claire already carved out for them? I think this baby is starting to make stretch marks above the belly button. This is odd since she is so low compared to her sisters. Now I am like, wow, this is disgusting. No wonder all those skinny bitches complained about them, they are gross!

Guess I will have to take down the full-length mirror above our bed, ha!

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