Saturday, May 7, 2011

Loss for words

So Piper & I just went to the store. I forgot the Beco at home so I was carrying her on my arm facing out like she likes (someone needs to invent a carrier that sticks a baby to your forearm). This apparently is the universal hold for "hey, you, come talk to me and touch my baby!" I didn't have my older girls to ward people off or distract me ! Apparently, my haircut isn't conveying bitchy, anymore...

This is a snippet of a conversation we had with our first admirer:

Stranger: "What's her name?"
Me: "Piper"
Stranger [incredulous voice]: "Is that her given name?!?"
Me: "ummm, yeah"
[pregnant, awkward pause]
Me: "Well, her middle name is Jane. So, she can use that, if she wants something more traditional."
Stranger: "Yeah, Piper can be her nickname. Piper [chuckle, chuckle as if to insinuate that is the strangest combination of letters anyone has ever thrown together]

It doesn't happen often, but I was at a loss for words. What does one say to someone who has the gall to suggest you use your child's name as their nickname?


  1. Ugh Nicole. That sucks. I had a nurse say something like that to me when I was in the hospital with Laney. She told me that Laney would hate me later for naming her that. So incredibly rude.

    I got it ALOT from older ladies with Finn. I started lying and told them his name was Ben, because that's always what they heard anyways. LOL

  2. That is especially bad coming a l & d nurse.